Machine Wisdom


Machine Wisdom is an experimental Artificial Intelligence that generates wise quotes and aphorisms. How best to live life, the search for meaning and love, the roles of fate, fortune and the gods, the challenges of loss, mortality and death - and much more - are all topics that it discusses.

The AI is based on GPT-4, a neural network with a broad knowledge about the world. This network was then reinforced with the works of hundreds of philosophers, writers, scientists, spiritual teachers, and others. This training set was heavily influenced by Stoicism, Zen and scientific thinking, but includes a broad array of other viewpoints, including some that might be a surprise. For instance, the thoughts of Marcus Auerilius, Montainge and Albert Einstein are included, but so is commentary by Mike Tyson and Hunter Thompson. The idea was to find human wisdom from many diverse sources, creating an AI with a deep and broad background - and a bit of an attitude.

Because this is an artificial intelligence and not a natural human mind, it can sometimes be stark and alien in its views. It is not woke, does not care about trampling on anyone's feelings, pulls no punches, and is not adverse to occasional foul language.

All the views expressed are strictly the AI's, and not mine or anyone else's. Please keep that in mind.

For the best experience, make sure you have audio enabled on your device.

Machine Wisdom is currently under active development. Follow-on versions will increase the size of the training set, enlist other neural nets, and introduce more AI input.

The Monologue is the AI having a conversation with itself, generating insights based off its training and its knowledge of the world and the human condition. Warning: this AI can be a bit dark, and is prone to swearing.

The Wisdom Generator allows you to pose a topic to the AI (examples: "love and death", "fate", "the nature of life"). The AI will then generate an original wise observation, or aphorism, on this subject.

The Human Network is a database of thousands of wise sayings, by both humans and AI, indexed and augmented.

Have fun! Proceed with caution ;}